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Kevin is Apparently the One in the Blue Shirt

Today’s inspirational thought is by Kevin McCullough, American patriot, self-proclaimed muscle-head, and today’s “Most Loathsome Person at Townhall.”

He decided to get some attention by countering the “politically correct” wisdom that it was tragic that Tyler Clementi committed suicide.

The assumptions made on many of these broadcast, print, and web based reports follow the idea that Tyler felt so bullied by the roommate and girlfriend who evilly and immorally taped him, that he had no option but to turn to suicide. This has been quickly adopted as the authoritative version of what happened and the need for psychologically profiling both the bullies who did it and other youths who engage in homosexual behavior.

Of course there are other issues that could be examined. Perhaps Tyler had a genuinely sensitive conscience, perhaps he had great respect for both his family and his God, perhaps he felt ashamed of actions because he knew they were immoral. Hence a completely different narrative could be told, one that encourages young people towards moral choices.

So, if I am interpreting it correctly, this would be Kevin’s morally inspiring “different narrative”:

“Young Tyler engaged in immoral, perverted behavior, and when this came to light, he was rightly ashamed for having brought dishonor on his family and his God, so he listened to his conscience and did the decent thing, which was to take his own life. So, kids, don’t be gay, or you might have to jump off a bridge too.”

12 Responses to “The Greatest of These is Charity”

Not only is he loathesome, he’s also unoriginal. Vox Day said the same thing two weeks ago.
It now become a competition amongst homophobic wingnuts:
Who, among them, can same the most offensive, vile, stupid thing on this topic?
So far, I’d put Linda Harvey in first place, but we’re dealing with minute degrees of assholery, so take your pick.

Kevin McCullough, I presume then, is going to do the right thing and kill himself for bringing humiliation and shame on his family and god?

Urge to kill…rising…

Ever notice that members of the far right often use a personal possessive pronoun with God? You know, as in “his God” (in which case shouldn’t it be “his god”?), or “my conscience and my God”?

I was puzzled by this and also by the fact that it irritated me so profoundly. Then it hit me–these guys are all kathenothesists. If you’re interested in the anthropological function of theistic attitudes, there is this traditional idea that a society passes through a development process in which religion and morality are totally separate, since the tribal cult deity is as much constrained by circumstances, as, say, the USA was during the Cold War.

So US nationals mostly thought the USA was morally justified in, say, building and stockpiling nuclear weapons for use in warfare, on the grounds that failing to do so would invite Soviet dominance, or whatever. After the topics of religion and morality were unified, then God became unique and the scramble was on to explain away all the awful shit attributed to Him in the Old Testament (or whatever).

But people like Kevin are sociopaths, so of course their cosmology is a throwback. God is reduced to a tribal cult, and righteousness consists of using the opportunities He bestows with utter ruthlessness. And so it goes.

As a caffeineotheist, I say, “Where’s my latte, God?”

These loathsome pricks have no souls, do they? Hey, Kevvy: FOAD.

If Mr. McCullough truly believes that “98% of people settle into traditional sexual orthodoxy”, then his notions of what is sexually orthodox are a lot different from 98% of his fellow fundamentalist cranks.

And yet, you know, the only two people involved in the situation who actually broke the law were the morons operating the webcam, who are busily sending their friends out to talk to tabloid reporters about their quiet, scholarly high school careers.

Which begs a few questions about how they happen to have so many friends online who think fucking with the gay kid by broadcasting his sex life over the internets was big lulz. Maybe they hooked up with their social circle in the traditional godly values section of 4chan?

Of course there are other issues that could be examined. Perhaps Tyler had a genuinely sensitive conscience, perhaps he had great respect for both his family and his God, perhaps he felt ashamed of actions because he knew they were immoral.

And yet, it wasn’t until the deed was broadcast to an audience of potential billions that this “embarassment” manifested.

Thus circularly bringing us back to the truth: McCullough and his ilk are GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!

1. Even though we all know by now that “Hawgzilla” is just another photoshop myth, and only THE most-pathetically-insecure-about-their-El-Penito-”masculinity” have to resort to “posing” for this bullshit “picture” — we know that even if Hawgzilla were REAL, he still wouldn’t be the biggest, rotting, stinking pile of SWINE in that photograph.

2. It always kinda irks me when the country “suddenly” focuses on ONE particular kind of bullying, has a tizzet/hissy-fit for five minutes, then everything goes back to the way it was before, where the rich-twunt bullies get away with murder (this being a prime example), the poor/underprivileged bullies are recruited to be cops, and those who are the most bullied go back to living inside of their lockers or bathroom stalls until graduation. Until this country GROWS THE FUCK UP and finally moves away from economic and sociological FEUDALISM, the school caste systems will continue to RUN THE SCHOOLS, as the teachers are more worried about who’s “most popular” with the rich brat students & popular jocks than they EVER are about teaching to the WHOLE CLASS, and the “administrations” don’t give a flying rat-fuck about anything beyond their tenure.

Until the so-called “adults” who are supposed to be RAISING these little sociopaths, at home AND at school, finally fucking GROW THE FUCK UP, and start ACTING LIKE ADULTS, then none of this shit will ever change. Teen pregnancy? Nobody gives a fuck, BECAUSE THE RICH GIRLS CAN AFFORD ABORTIONS, and the poor girls “deserve it.” STDs raging rampant through the schools? “Gawd’s retribution.” Kids destroying their own brains with X, GHB & metallic spray paint? To the “administrations,” that’s just THINNING THE HERD.

And heaven help the teacher or sub who DARES upset the caste system BY STICKING UP FOR THE KIDS WHO GET MOCKED ON AN HOURLY BASIS, ’cause the teachers, popular fuckwits & administrators will sure as HELL find a way to get the fuck rid of YOU. You simply DO *NOT* rock the social-climber boat of Murka’s school systems!

Lastly, I want to know where these “roommates” REALLY live. I want home addresses, phone numbers, and gas money. They’re over 18, THEY’RE FUCKING RESPONSIBLE. Yes, obviously, rabid cur-dogs would’ve done a better job of “raising” the little twunts, but IT’S TOO LATE NOW. Tyler’s dead, and they don’t regret a FUCKING THING.

For the sake of my ersatz-’adopted’ gay daughter in Texas, for the sakes of all the gay guys in my gifted class (even the REALLY self-loathing ones who are ROMAN CATH-LICK LOG-CABIN REPUBLICUNTS!), who got the snot beaten out of them on a regular basis when I wasn’t around, and for every other geeky/never-gonna-fit-in/damaged-from-EARLY-on kid who’s ever been tortured by every sadistic little bitch and asinine jock every day of 12 years of public school and three different kindergartens — these two need to swing from the highest fucking tree.

Yes, hanging IS a rather arcane, brutal, unevolved way to wipe pigeon-shit like them off of my planet, but until somebody re-wires Ol’ Sparky and adds electronics to replace the old fuse boxes, I’LL HAPPILY settle for A LONG, SLOW, WET ROPE AND TWO VERY LAZY HORSES.

Y’all don’t wanna know the cruel, hateful, sexist shit that was pulled on me in film school, but suffice it to say that if any “previously forgotten” or “undiscovered” polaroids ever show up, y’all KNOW where to send the bail money. ‘Cause I’ll be DAMNED if ANY bunch of drunk assholes will EVER get over on ME again, in any sense of the word. Walk talk and carry a big knife. Which is what I wish that young Tyler had done — he wouldn’t have had to KILL the little FREAK SADISTIC MOTHERFUCKERS, but he could’ve put a quick and almost-painless end to their “videographer” careers!

So whose going to “evilly and immorally”* tape Kevin having sex with his loved one (himself) and broadcast it on the internet? Maybe Kevin will suffer a bout of conscience.

* Just uses the scare quotes, Kevin. We know you don’t actually think it’s wrong in any way.

Fuck, I should NEVER attempt to type after a quadruple extraction, I fucked ‘em ALL up.

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