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From The Daily Caller’s teaser email, The DC Morning, which, as we’ve learned from Jim Treacher, is a pun on “D.C.,” and the multiple meanings of “morning”…

I must be getting old, but I gotta tell you, these kids today, with their meth, and their bow ties, and their cozying up to dynasties four or five periods before the Georgian era.  In my day, we renounced independence from the House of Hanover when we didn’t want to pay our taxes, and we liked it that way.  But then the Tudors got that TV series, and it had a slim and buff Henry VIII, and showed a lot of skin, and now all the youngsters think it’s much sexier to renounce them.

I’m a little unclear about that last part, however, because while I’ve admittedly done zero research on the subject, I somehow doubt that it’s “middle class people” who are lining up at our embassy in London to renounce their citizenship for tax purposes. That seems like the sort of thing more characteristic of our dickish home-grown oligarchs, doesn’t it?  But I will stipulate that the middle class is full of feeble, blood-sucking Fabians, because you can’t argue with The Daily Caller, or you’ll wind up looking like a pedant trying to correct a parrot’s grammar.

8 Responses to “Tucker’s Improbable History”

only 10 seconds on teh Google:


UK has a 50% tax rate!

Since the wingnuts say that “nobody” in the UK actually uses the NHS, it must not be for the health care, and it’s clearly not for the tax rates. So why? Unless Tucker is just full of $h*t.

a) This story is months old, and likely there’s an element of apocrypha here (that means some of it is bullshit, Jimbo, in case you’re lurking).

b) Why would they renounce citizenship in the nation with the lower tax burden if taxes are their main concern? It couldn’t possibly be that, given the universal healthcare system, the stipend for first time home buyers, plus the fact that the UK along with much of the EU is cracking down on non-citizen workers in jobs that could be performed by EU citizens, they might have other reasons for bolting?

How do I know this? I have dual citizenship and looked into this when Bush was President.

Teh fucking word warriors strike again, tossing around enough disjointed and incorrect thoughts to build their own castle.

I have a feeling that these people renouncing their taxes are actually middle class ex-pats who have decided not to return to the US and want to save the cost and hassle of filing a US return each year.
I’m an Canadian expat but I’ve met a lot of US expats over the years and they all complain about the cost of filing each year. The ones who will go home one day have to live with it but if you aren’t going to go back, it’s an option.
When you renounce I think that you have to prove that you are doing it for non tax related reasons. The wars are probably providing a good excuse.
Anyways, I have no ideas what they are trying to say at the end of the article about socialism light since these people are choosing to continue to pay taxes in a more socialist country.

Tudors, eh? What’s the good of having a rightie sinecure and stuff, if you can’t even google or wiki “American Revolution English King Which One Huh”?

For a fuddled moment, I thought Tucker, or whatever slavey wrote that, was harking back to the original settlements at Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay, but of course that was under the Stuarts. Unless he meant Jamestown – but they weren’t exactly in it for the Independence thingy.

I bet the Brits just CAN’T wait to welcome a bunch of Yank tax dodgers to their chalky shores.

Maybe he’s talking about Roanoke. Colonists couldn’t handle Lizzie and got lost, but now see whose crawling back to her!

Well, they could be following the lead of who used to be Canada’s own Conrad Black and getting a Lordship in exchange for their citizenship.

Of course, now Lord Black of Crossharbour is a criminal applying for Canadian citizenship, so maybe he’s not the best example…


HW, you’re right – I may have been thinking of Roanoke in a semi-conscious way. Jamestown, founded 1607, was Stuart, too, of course, being named after James I of England, VI of Scotland, son of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Roanoke was the one financed by Raleigh under Elizabeth’s charter in the 1580s, that vanished mysteriously.

They still didn’t leave Blighty for the Independency. They went for the goodies.

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