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I was planning to post some shots of Hollywood today, but Jay B.’s post over at TBogg’s place is making me either nostalgic or mournful for New Orleans — or both, since I suppose nostalgia is just mourning without tears, and an added splash of self-pity — so I thought instead I’d put up a few pictures from our last trip there in 2008.


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8 Responses to “Random Scenes of New Orleans”

Damn, thanks for the pics. And love the quote: nostalgia is just mourning without tears, and an added splash of self-pity And scar are souvenirs you never lose.

But those images. Damn, if those were my memories, i’m not sure I’d ever leave. Or at least want to.

Thanks Dave. You put your finger very neatly on it. I used to travel a lot for work, and there were some cities I never wanted to see again, some I liked okay, some I liked a lot, and some I was eager to revisit and share with Mary, but none was ever as hard to leave as New Orleans.

Many thanks for the pics. First Katrina, now BP. Breaks the heart.

Yeah, I highly recommend New Orleans as a destination for an expedition. I was there for a week in 1997, and it was the best vacation I ever had.

Thank you for the pics of NOLA. It is my birthplace…there’s nothing like it…just beautiful.

My late stepfather was a lover of New Orleans too. He loved New Orleans jazz going right back to early Louis, Bunk Johnson, Sidney Bechet – and the food, and the whole spirit of the place. I’m glad, in a way, he wasn’t around to see Katrina happen (he despised Bush), or the oil spill.

Great images, Scott. Very evocative.

My husband and I stumbled into New Orleans on a whim the first time we traveled there. The second time was planned far in advance. Wonderful town.
And exactly what Ferd said.

Gappy: Similar story for us. I was working on a movie in Alabama, and was supposed to fly home for Thanksgiving, but it was a low budget production on a tight schedule, and they wouldn’t let me take the time. So I — somewhat arbitrarily — suggested Mary meet me in New Orleans since it was within easy driving distance of Mobile. We spent two cold, rainy days in the French Quarter and environs, and were hopelessly, helplessly hooked.

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