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D.Sidhe requested Cat Supplements, and since we love her dearly, here’s some special Pre-Post-Friday pics. Enjoy, D., and I hope things perk up soon.



“My belly is unbrushed and unruly. Get on that.”



“Okay, I’ve got the fangs working…Now how do I sparkle?”

6 Responses to “Pre-Friday Beast Blogging: The Total Request Live Edition”

They could be holding a conversation with each other, the way they’re posed.

Yes – same blue snuggly afghan (miraculously free of black or marmalade fur, you guys must be very clean!) I picture them lying on it head-to-head, communicating by short-range thought transference. Thus is our future shaped, our lives arranged…
(Also: hope all’s well, D.)

Aahhhh. Thank you. Mine spent all day yesterday hissing at each other for some reason, even the lazy one. I think the novelty of having boxes all over this end of the house has worn off and they all know where they all hide by now.

How *did* you get them to sit on the same blanket, Scott? Are you drugging them now? (Because, from that look on Moondoggie’s face…)

Oh it was easy, being as I’m a uniter, not a divider. Also, they alternate possession of the afghan and the pictures were taken on different days.

D., I am having one of those months too. If I have to see or hear one more soccer game – well, let’s say my lobes are under great pressure and it’s only just started.

Kitty pix always help.Can you work out the feline reasoning behind this :
Smudge (resident senior cat): What ? New cat moved in ? Think I’ll pee and poo all over the house.That’ll show’em.

I’ve been down so long it looks like Up to me.

Suezboo, that’s exactly what they think when an interloper appears: That’s MY scent all over the place, freshman.

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