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From my friend PJ, who feels the picture of Palin, with her dead eyes and tight, Joker-like rictus, is worth a thousand words, marked down to seven if you order now:

Please Buy My Insane Book. I’m Folksy.”


Half a year away from publication and America by Heart: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Flag has already been marked down nearly half off the cover price? I certainly hope her ghostwriter got a flat fee, or was working hourly.

Anyway, as powerful as the former governor’s vision for America may be, her Faith, Family, and Flag will never beat McDonald’s Food, Folks, and Fun!

(Mudflats has more.)

10 Responses to “Wait Until It’s Published, They’ll Be Paying You To Buy It”

will never beat Shakey’s Food, Folks, and Fun!

I believe that particular catchphrase belongs to McDonald’s.

Oops, you’re right. Thanks, Nom

I’m lovin’ it. (Just thought I’d continue with the McDonald’s theme.)

I’m McLovin it.

America by Heart

Well it sure as hell ain’t gonna be America by Brain.

Sour Kraut for the win.

Seriously, anyone ever paid that “list price” for a book? 25-33% off is pretty much standard. Gotta admit, though, 46% is a bit much when it’s not even on the shelves yet. Bet they’re gonna get a sternly worded, if somewhat illiterate, letter from le auteur. Autrix?

And seems to me, McGovernor Palin might not have so many fambly issues if she’d kept her eyes on her (small) fries…

Look at the bright side folks (I know, I know), all the things she quotes from will give us a fab list of her fellow travelers…

Faith, Family, and Flag

Is she finally going to out herself as glay?

McGovernor Palin


i refuse to get the required pre-frontal lobotomy so i doubt that i will get the intended message.

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