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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Mary and I usually travel for the holiday, but it’s been a tough year and a half, thanks to several pending projects that perished in the great Financial Sector Flame-Out of Ought Eight and Nine, so we’re forced to stay home and hide from the Hollywood Christmas Parade, which commandeers our entire neighborhood as a staging area, in a clear violation of the Third Amendment.

This year we’re reviving a tradition from the earlier, even more poverty-stricken days of our partnership: watching the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon, while Mary cooks and I…do something helpful.  Provide moral support, probably.

As the show itself is but a sweet, lingering memory, we’ll be pulling down a few selections from the DVD shelf, culminating with some cocktails, a lovingly prepared meal featuring a turkey — naked, alone and afraid, not stuffed inside any other combination of birds — and finally, a cover version of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians by Cinematic Titanic, Joel Hodgson’s successor to MST3K, comprising the original on-camera team from its days as a local oddity on a Minneapolis UHF channel.

Happy Turkey Day, fellow crapiers!  If you get bored with starch and football, drop by later, as I may have a couple new items from Pastor Swank, who has clearly stopped taking his meds this week in order to save room for extra yams.

10 Responses to “That Turkey’s Still Waiting For A Call From The Governor”

I can not express my disgust w/ the Santa Claus Lane Parade for screwing up traffic every damn yr. At least I don’t live near enough for it to interfere w/ me now.

Hiding out is the best (only) policy.

Hope murder isn’t the only way out for those of you stuck w/ relatives.

We’re doing dinner at Denny’s tonight, because it’s almost traditional, and we still haven’t replaced the oven. I offered to cook dinner anyway, stir fried shredded chicken nuggets, leftover Stove Top stuffing clumps, and fresh apple slices with a cranberry sauce, but my partner balked at the stuffing and I refused to compromise on Thanksgiving dinner. So Denny’s it is, after which we’ll come home and I’ll watch The Private Life of Plants, as is also traditional, and my partner will apparently kill turkeys in WoW. I’m not asking.

Happy Thanksgiving, to all of you. The bloggers and commenters here are part of what I’m grateful for this year. I hope you all have a contented day, and I hope S.Z. is well.

Yum! Post prandial Pastor Swank!

so we get some s’Wank to “cleanse the palate” if by “cleanse the palate” you mean uncontrollable projectile vomiting

We were just lamenting the lack of the MST3K marathon last night. Mythbusters is a poor substitute. Cinematic Titanic seems to crackle with life, where Rifftrax, well, makes me want to crawl into a Bourbon bottle.

I thought that was just me, with the RiffTrax. My partner made me watch the mopey teenage vampire movie with that. It wasn’t worth it.

My partner made me watch the mopey teenage vampire movie with that.

They re-released The Lost Boys?!

My partner made me watch the mopey teenage vampire movie with that.
Gibson finished the sequel to “The Passion of Christ”?!

we still haven’t replaced the oven.

I hesitate to ask what happened to the last oven. Were zombies involved?

My husband and I also spent much of the day killing turkeys in WoW. Any holiday that gives two levels worth of exp and lets you get your cooking skill over 350 has a lot going for it. But finding those damn turkeys was a pain.

No, the thermostat just broke a while back, maybe it’s been two years or so. We mostly stir fry and microwave, so it took a while to notice. I never liked it anyway, and want one of those spiffy flat surface ones, but we’re kind of useless about home furnishings, so we still haven’t gotten it replaced. No biggie. The stove works.

The microwave we replaced in fourteen hours, though.

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