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Some days I stand, ever vigilant for signs of human perfidy.  Other times, I feel like, you know…just chillin’.

And Moondoggie:


If I could only…reach my…utility belt!  Ah, screw it.

10 Responses to “Post-Friday Beast Blogging: The Prone Pussies Edition”

Poor Scott…Do you EVER get a chance to sit in your own chair?

Oh sure. As long as I don’t mind being covered in cats.

Obviously you don’t have enough sinks.

As I recall, Scott lives someplace warm; I haven’t seen my cat in the warm and fully extended mode for 2 months now, unless of course I am the thing being fully extended upon.

It keeps getting colder, so I just broke down and ordered a heated cat bed for the resident feline; it’s sort of a guilt-payment for when we’ll be away on vacation soon and she’ll have no one to sit on/suck the heat out of.

I think Moondoggie’s utility belt probably popped off due to his expanding girth. Perhaps he needs to add a few more notches to the belt.

It is interesting just how long kittehs can get when they wish to occupy a space, eh? I have a queen size bed. The Mighty Fang and Mencken are not tiny cats, but still, it is amazing that they can stretch so far as to take up all the bed except one tiny little spot in the middle that I’m supposed to sleep in.

-Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

Badtux, that is an amazing statement. The manly Mr. Biscuitbarrel and I–neither of us short or small–have been sleeping in a plain ol’ double bed all these years. I have no experience adding a kitteh to the mix, but all of our babies were exiled to the crib when they assumed the Da Vinci Man fully extended position. This left Mr. B and I clinging to the outer edges of the mattress. I am told that kittehs can do this just as well as hoominz.

Mrs. T. B. –

Oh, even better. I know exactly where Badtux is coming from. And if you think two are bad, try six or seven sometime, especially (as SoS can verify) in the winter.

Fortunately for me, I am down to only one at the moment, so I can usually use at least 25% of the bed. Unfortunately for me, I plan on getting her a sibling soon — though after writing this I may wait till spring.

Oh, I miss my lated beloved Mocha cat – beautiful guy, all black, with bright green eyes. I house-sat a lot for him and his Golden Retriever. The Golden would sleep on her fleece, on the floor at the end of the bed. Mocha would sleep on my hip. Well, kind of draped over my hip. He was really very thoughtful about it. When I would move or turn over during the night, he’d back away, then wait for me to get settled again, and then he’d re-drape himself, sigh, then start purring.

He’s gone now, but he had a good long happy life (22!) and a graceful death.

You people are nuts. We spend a lot of time pestering the little cats to sleep on the bed instead of the floor because it’s more comfortable and cuter and we have a king-sized bed. Plus both of us snore and I’m insomniac and tend to be a restless sleeper, so it’s really pretty rare for my partner and I to sleep at the same time. There’s *loads* of room, even if Iala hates them and plants herself dead center.

Back when there were three of us humans and only two cats, we had an even bigger bed, consisting of basically doing the entire bedroom floor in tatami. So we’re kind of big-sleeping-surface-area people anyway. There’s *always* room for cats on the bed.

One of my favorite memories is of Odie, who after the passing of his best kitty buddy, took to sleeping under the covers, head on the pillow, nose to my nose. When I switched from left side to right, he dutifully stood up, moved to my new side, crawled under the covers and assumed the position. He’s gone now and I would take the nose-to-nose purr fest over getting a good night’s sleep anyday. Or night.

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