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Now let’s go to David E., our World O’ Crap NYC correspondent, who witnessed nuts — specifically, wingnuts — being openly teabagged in City Hall Park, and filed this report.  David?


So, the New York teabag party — I mean, the one the conservatives called, as opposed to the general atmosphere below 14th Street on the weekend — was great fun. Stretching an ENTIRE city block and a half, this intrepid group of angry white stood in the cold for 2 whole hours and listened to about 12 speakers interspersed with that NYC favorite, country/bluegrass music.

Two favorite moments:

1) An hour before the official start time of the protest, about 50 of ‘em were in City Hall Park. At the T-45 minute mark, the cops were shutting the park down and moving everyone onto the street, which is where the stage was set up and where the protest was actually set to happen. The anguish some of these folks experienced at being told they had to move was priceless. “You wouldn’t be doing that if we was ACORN,” one said.

2) Woman holds up a sign that says “Atlas will shrug.” (What the hell does that even mean?) Suddenly another woman, clutching her well-thumbed copy of Atlas Shrugged to her chest rushes up to her, saying in thick Lawn Guyland, “I found my soulmate, I found my soulmate!” She thrusts the book under woman #1′s nose and they both begin gabbling. It’s kind of like how when dogs meet each other and sniff their butts.

Pictures and a video with some audio from one of the songs can be found here.

Scott again:  Definitely check out the photo essay, and many thanks to David for his snappy, one-the-spot reporting.

19 Responses to “And By Their Tattered Copy Of Atlas Shrugged Shall Ye Know Them”

Those “Atlas Shrugged” women sound my roommate… *shudder*

Oops, sound like my roommate, I meant.

‘NYC The Dirty?’ WTF?

Like Dave, I blogged the protest.

Unlike Dave, I didn’t bother to show up.

Somehow, we managed to write nearly identical stories.

Awww, you guys get to have ALL the fun!

I need a road trip, dammit.

So were there any “counter-protesters” to the teabagging denial-monkeys? Did anybody, at any point, happen to point out to these assholes that: When Dumbya was pissing away billions a day on a FAKE fucking war with a country that DID NOT ATTACK US, and getting our VERY REAL kids KILLED in the pursuit of fucking OIL RIGHTS, RIGS, AND PIPELINES — allllll that fucking time, these same smug, spoiled, irresponsible FUCKTARDS, WHERE WERE THEY THEN?!?!?!


Oh, right. ‘Cause Obama expects THEIR lazy, spoiled-prick asses to PAY THEIR FARE SHARE AND PULL THEIR OWN FUCKING WEIGHT FOR ONCE IN THEIR SILVER-COKE-SPOON LIVES, yup, he’s a commie, alright. They are SO brave, to protest a fucking NON-ISSUE, they’re not going to be teargassed, cordoned-off a mile away from the Republicunt national convention, bludgeoned and wounded for the sake of the World Bank. Yup, they really know how to “make a statement.”

Know what that statement says?


I do hope, at least, that the Billionaires For Bush made a respectable showing. That would’ve been the PERFECT venue for them. Bimbos who think that “Atlas Shrugged” is about THE HOLY PERFECTION OF CAPITALISM probably would never have even NOTICED that the BFB were MOCKING THEIR PRECIOUS LAWNGUYLAND ASSES. Would’ve made a HELLUVA video clip for later use.

Or even closer to their big issue, Annti, where were they last summer and early fall, when the Bush administration started the bail-out programs and policies that, for the most part, Obama has merely continued?

Where were the teabaggers when Congress signed a 700 billion dollar blank check to Henry Paulson? I guess corporate “socialism” is ok, as long as it’s their guy implementing it.

Persactly. If Dick Cheney does it, it’s not illegal, to paraphrase Nixon (although I have a sneaking suspicion that Tricky Dick actually DID utter that phrase before he took his dirt-nap, if not when he was still in office). Giving money to multi-trillion-dollar, multi-national corporations (many majority-owned in China, UAE, Saudi, and Holland, of course, our CHIEF CREDITORS, and teh Republicunts PUT US INTO THEIR DEBT IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE) is A GOOOOOD THING TO DO. Watching them piss it away on orgy-style mega-parties is “just part of doing business.”

Why else do you think that Unca Dick allowed NO fucking oversight of his “Energy Policy” meetings with OIL, NATURAL GAS, AND ELECTRICAL MONOLITHS?!?!?!? Same policy when it came to deciding WHICH crooked Wall Street firms, bass-ackwards top-heavy insurance corps, and other hand-in-the-till motherfuckers WOULD RECEIVE THE OPULENT LARGESSE OF THE ENTIRE U.S. TREASURY. And, you might note, NO ONE has oversight over ANY of the decisions made in the Federal Reserve, and we are never allowed to know how THOSE bastards spend any of OUR money, either.

Gotta love a sweet set-up like that, huh? Almost begs you to pillage it.

And what I will NEVER fucking understand is how these greed-whore fucktards, the moneychangers in every fucking temple, “got” that “Atlas Shrugged” is about CAPITALISM.

It was about CREATIVE FREEDOM and ESCHEWING THE CONSTRAINTS OF CORPORATE CONTROL ***OVER*** CREATIVE FREEDOM. Dumbasses. I bet that they think that Jeebus spoke in High Middle English (archaic), too.

And BARNEY is actually a MUSICAL SAVANT.

We need to make people take an IQ test before we allow them to read the big books, ’cause if they’re going to strap Ayn Rand to their capitalism cross, I think that she would’ve wanted to kick them in the head.

Where were the teabaggers when Congress signed a 700 billion dollar blank check to Henry Paulson? I guess corporate “socialism” is ok, as long as it’s their guy implementing it.

According to them, “they” were pissed off about it, but “they” were supporting McCain who still stood a chance so “they” didn’t want to make a statement about it.


If she did, how would we be able to tell?

Dig ‘er up.

Awww, annti. Don’t worry; they’ll do it again next year. Maybe in your area! I saw only one Hitler-analogy sign, not bad given the concentration of wingnuttery. One person did opt to wear their Sore Loserman shirt, which I found a nostalgic touch.

The Billionaires, sadly, didn’t show. It would’ve been fun, as I have a new policy platform to propose for them:

* Wealth care
* Fun Control
* Public Broadbashing

I think that pretty much gets at the GOP agenda, after all.

I worded the question incorrectly: I meant, if she kicked them in the head, how would we be able to tell?

As long as they’re getting kicked in the head, who cares?

I think that we’d hear their bitchy little whining from here, anyway… They’d probably call a press conference and declare The Corpse Of Ayn Rand a “TRAITOR!” and demand that she be killed even DEADER.

Dumbasses. If they could UNDERSTAND the book, they wouldn’t be using it as a fucking WEAPON. I often wonder what would happen if we could inject “Stranger In A Strange Land,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and a copy of the U.S. Constitution into the rattly skulls of republicunts… Think that they’d implode or explode?

“If they could UNDERSTAND the book, they wouldn’t be using it as a fucking WEAPON.”
True. The same can be said of the Bible.

Well duh. But then, if you look back over their horribly-inaccurate “history” in teh bibul, you see a WHOOOOLE lotta bloodshed, warfare, rape, molestation, racism, homophobia, hate crimes, sexism, objectification, assault & other bodily injury, etc.

So these assholes are KINDA taking it a little too literally, maybe…

…especially the really dirty parts about bestiality… y’ever notice how often teh ones caught with livestock are the same ones who were on a soapbox a minute ago, condemning everybody else?

No, but then I haven’t heard any recent bestiality stories lately.
Unless…did Rush Limbaugh get married recently? ‘Cause I think sex with him would count as bestiality, wouldn’t it?

Crimes against nature, sodomy bylaws, and on some levels, necrophilia, too.

Last time I heard about a bibul-banger caught with his dick in the livestock, if I’m not mistaken, it was over to Jesus’ General, and it might have been a mule, not cattle proper. But again, my memory is like a sieve, so you’d have to go look it up yerself. I know, I suck that way. Beats the hell outta all of the ways that I *used* to suck!


As for Fatfuck Limbaugh, I don’t even want to IMAGINE what kind of Asian-Love-Swing/Winch/Block-And-Tackle/Diesel-Engine contraption that it would take to hoist his voluminous GUT up outta the way for the Dominican minor of his choice to actually get AT his el penito, with or without the magnifying glass and IV dosages of viagra.

Oh, great, now I have the fucking cartoon in my head. If anybody needs me, I’ll just be over in the corner, out back of the Chuck E. Cheez’s service entrance alley, head-first into a 55-gallon drum of pure clorox.

Now, why can’t we put Fatfuck in EXACTLY that same position, hmmm?

Okay, so we’ll need to throw a CRANE into the equipment list, but it’d still be worth it.

Something to say?